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Testing Core Data migration with Xcode 6's new Devices screen

Thu Sep 25 2014

Yesterday, I had the task of testing and fixing a Core Data migration issue. Those who have done this will know it's usually a loathsome burden. Fortunately, with the release of Xcode 6, Apple has made this process a little easier with a streamlined app management interface.

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Swift Operators - A Visual Reference

Mon Aug 04 2014

Xcode 6 Beta 4 was released with an updated reference manual (and iBook) that now includes the exact Unicode scalar ranges that are permissible as Swift operators. Unfortunately, I don't read straight Unicode scalar ranges so I thought I'd see what the ranges actually mapped out to.

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Relying On Appearances (when building a universal app)

Fri Mar 28 2014

When expanding a project from iPhone to iPad (a.k.a a universal app), many inexperienced in the area may think that it would be a no-brainer. You've already built the guts of the app and you're a competent developer so you've made things generic enough to be reused in all the right places. You've even used Autolayout in all of your screens. So porting to iPad couldn't be that hard could it?

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Using Instruments To Diagnose Retain-Cycle Bugs

Sat Mar 15 2014

So you've written your app and it all works great but it seems that as you use the app it become more and more sluggish or perhaps you get crashes that just don't make sense. You may be experiencing a retain-cycle bug.

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Fancy French Backpacks

Tue Oct 15 2013

Being the owner of a brand new MacBook (one that I hope to be able to trade-and-upgrade very soon) and being in the new business of trekking around from client to client with my tools, I decided that I needed a bag. Initially I was going to try to keep my 'cool hipster...

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Wearable Experiments

Fri Oct 11 2013

This morning I had the privilege of listening to Ben Moir of Wearable Experiments talk about the future of the wearable electronics industry. Getting up this morning for Geek Breakfast AU, I had no idea that I'd be watching a video about helping people grab boobs...

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Thu Oct 10 2013

This is a 'hello' blog post. A quick one. To test that things are working. Maybe they are. Most likely there's a bug here and there. I'm intending to use the blog section of the site to post the occasional opinion about things. I say occasional and I mean it. I don't even...

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